The Computer graphic designer

The Computer graphic designer

You look for to create the identity of your mark? You want to realize a brochure to praise the virtues of your products? Opt for a Computer graphic designer Print!

Posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, … The communication is nowadays part of our life. When the competition in reached by the maximum levels, no company can exist without possessing its clean identity to distance itself and attract most consumers.

A Computer graphic designer use techniques of creation, treatment and exploitation of digital images. Specialist of the visual communication (together techniques of information by the image, the illustration and graphics), he conceives graphic elements and models (logos, posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, packagings, …) thanks to the IT tool and thanks to the software of CAP (Computer-aided publishing) as Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Besides being a creative one, it also knows the whole graphic chain, that is, set of the occupations of the design in the finalization of a graphic product.

Four main links of this chain are:

♦ The creation (imagination of the concept and the production of one),

♦ The pre-press (realization of tools necessary for the production),

♦ The impression (printed production),

♦ The shaping and the finishes (shaped finale: rainage, folding, cut, stapling, bindings, …)

The role of the Graphics Computer is to encircle the expectations of the announcer (organization or company at the origin of an advertising campaign), and to answer it at best. For that purpose, he goes, following an interview where this one will express him the demand, to draft a specifications (or briefing-customer). Further to this stage, the Computer graphic designer is going to design a draft and to present several comps to the customer by justifying his choices and by recommending it. When the customer is finally satisfied, and when a proposal is finally retained, the Computer graphic designer will design then files ” well for printing ” aimed at a printer.